on the issues


Green New Deal

Climate change is the single most important issue to me. Our climate is inching closer and closer to collapse and we must do everything we can now. This is why I support the Green New Deal in fighting climate change and creating new jobs in the growing renewable energy field.

universal healthcare

I have witnessed family members struggle with healthcare decisions primarily based on the financial burden it would cause. This is why I believe the way our health system works desperately needs to be fixed. By moving to a “Medicare-For-All” option we can ensure that everyone has equal access to healthcare without having to worry about the financial costs.

Big money out of politics

The Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 paved the way for large corporations to have an even greater influence over our elections. For the sake of our democracy, I believe we must oppose this ruling and return the power to the people instead of the very rich.

Common Sense gun legislation

I come from a family of hunters, but I also see what our current gun legislation is allowing to happen in our country. This is why I support closing the Gun Show Loophole and requiring background checks for all firearm purchases.


As our economy has continued to expand and inflation has gone up, our minimum wage has increasingly fallen behind at the expense of the lower class and to the benefit of the very rich. By increasing our minimum wage to $15/hr I believe we can begin to undo the increasing income inequality.

fixing our infrastructure

As anyone who lives in Michigan can attest, our infrastructure is crumbling. I believe that by rebuilding our roads and bridges we can also create jobs and help stimulate the economy.